Aubrie Adores: Top 5 Places I Like to Go on Vacation

I like to go on vacation to these places:

1. Disney World: I like to go to Disney World because of the rides.  My favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain because it has lots of bumps and goes fast.

2. Disneyland: I like Disneyland because of the hotel. It was pretty and the bed lit up!

Swim With Dolphins

3. Carnival Cruise: I like Carnival Cruise because of the beautiful view.  Swimming with the dolphins was fun!

4. New York: I like New York because of the American Girl Doll Store.

5. Callaway Gardens: I like Callaway Gardens because of the Circus Camp.  I learned how to swing like an acrobat!

Where are you going on Summer vacation?

About Lily

Lily is an 10 year old girl finishing 4th grade. She likes to dance, read, and Facetime with her friends.