Lily Loves: My Favorite TV Shows

I love these TV shows because they are very entertaining and fun to watch.

1. So You Think You Can Dance: I like this show because is is a dance show and I LOVE To dance. I hope to be on the show one day. New season starts May 28th! This is me dancing:


2. Dancing With the Stars: I like this show because I like to see all of the people dancing.

3. Liv and Maddie: I like Liv and Maddie because I like how they are twins and they have different personalities.

4. Austin and Ally: I like this show because it is very entertaining and the songs are fun.

5. Sam and Cat: I like Sam and Cat because they have 2 shows combined into one.

What is your favorite TV show? I can’t wait for the new Disney Channel show Girl Meets World.

Aubrie Adores: Top 5 Places I Like to Go on Vacation

I like to go on vacation to these places:

1. Disney World: I like to go to Disney World because of the rides.  My favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain because it has lots of bumps and goes fast.

2. Disneyland: I like Disneyland because of the hotel. It was pretty and the bed lit up!

Swim With Dolphins

3. Carnival Cruise: I like Carnival Cruise because of the beautiful view.  Swimming with the dolphins was fun!

4. New York: I like New York because of the American Girl Doll Store.

5. Callaway Gardens: I like Callaway Gardens because of the Circus Camp.  I learned how to swing like an acrobat!

Where are you going on Summer vacation?