(VIDEO) Lucas Likes: Minecraft Toy Figures

Check out the video below to see what Lucas thinks about his new Minecraft Toys.

(VIDEO) Lucas Likes: The LEGO Movie – Everything Is Awesome Edition

Lucas shares his thoughts on the newly released movie…The LEGO Movie – Everything Is Awesome Edition.

(VIDEO) Lucas Likes: Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Over Georgia #HurricaneHarbor

Lucas visits the brand new Hurricane Harbor water park at Six Flags Over Georgia. Watch his video below to hear his thoughts and catch highlights of the park.

Why I’m Excited Get Out Out Of School!!!!!!!!!

I’m excited to get out of school! I get out of school on May 23, 2014 which is this Friday. I’m so happy I actually have tears of joy!

Summer, paddleboat ride

I like summer because you can sleepover at a friends house everyday, and I love, love sleepovers. I love to go on vacation. I’m going to the Hershey Lodge for my mom’s conference, and I’m going to Canada to visit my Godmother. I’m also excited to get out of school because I don’t have to do a lot of math.

Why are you excited to get out of school?

Aubrie Adores: Why I Love My Mom

I LOVE My Mom because…


1. She drives me to school.

2. She cooks breakfast for me.

3.She’s awesome.

4. She’s a great dancer.

5. Just because!

Why do love your mom?


Lily Loves: My Favorite TV Shows

I love these TV shows because they are very entertaining and fun to watch.

1. So You Think You Can Dance: I like this show because is is a dance show and I LOVE To dance. I hope to be on the show one day. New season starts May 28th! This is me dancing:


2. Dancing With the Stars: I like this show because I like to see all of the people dancing.

3. Liv and Maddie: I like Liv and Maddie because I like how they are twins and they have different personalities.

4. Austin and Ally: I like this show because it is very entertaining and the songs are fun.

5. Sam and Cat: I like Sam and Cat because they have 2 shows combined into one.

What is your favorite TV show? I can’t wait for the new Disney Channel show Girl Meets World.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers (Video Review)

My favorite thing about MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS is that they can change up and that they can do whatever you imagine. They are cool toys! – Lucas

Lily Loves: Top Five Apps for Kids

I absolutely LOVE these Top 5 Apps for Kids.  They are my FAVE.


Flappy Wings: I LOVE Flappy Wings because you go through these colored tubes and see how many you can go through.

Pocket Family: I like Pocket Family because you have your own family and each level you buy a new room and it comes with new people.

Video Star: I love Video Star because you make your own music videos.

Piano Free with Songs: I like this app because you can play the piano, but if you can’t like me you can chose starfall. When you use starfall you hit a bunch of stars and it will make the sound like if you were playing on the piano.

Covet Fashion: I like this app because you can buy clothes from different brands and you can dress people.