Jump Starting My Birthday at Sector 6 Extreme Air Sports

In January I had my birthday party at Sector 6 Extreme Air Sports! I thought it was one of my favorite parties with my best friend, Emma. We liked it so much that we even want to have our party there next year. If you live in Louisiana or another state and have never been to Sector 6, it is a giant trampoline park.


It has small trampolines that you can have one or two people on one trampoline and bigger ones that you can fit lots of people. They also have dodge ball, tightrope into a trampoline foam pit, a trapeze into a foam pit, and a regular foam pit. It was the best party because I got to jump  up and down for an hour! I have been to Sector 6 once before, but I have never been for a party. When I went for my party my mom dared Emma and me to go on the trapeze since we were turning ten years old. We are both chickens, but we wanted to show our parents that we were not going to be a chickens! We did it, but we both tried to flip…..yeah that didn’t happen!!  So if you happen to go to Sector 6 you will have the time of your life.

About Lily

Lily is an 10 year old girl finishing 4th grade. She likes to dance, read, and Facetime with her friends.