Lily Loves: Top Five Apps for Kids

I absolutely LOVE these Top 5 Apps for Kids.  They are my FAVE.


Flappy Wings: I LOVE Flappy Wings because you go through these colored tubes and see how many you can go through.

Pocket Family: I like Pocket Family because you have your own family and each level you buy a new room and it comes with new people.

Video Star: I love Video Star because you make your own music videos.

Piano Free with Songs: I like this app because you can play the piano, but if you can’t like me you can chose starfall. When you use starfall you hit a bunch of stars and it will make the sound like if you were playing on the piano.

Covet Fashion: I like this app because you can buy clothes from different brands and you can dress people.


  1. Emma Duhe says:

    Hi this is Emma u go girl!

  2. Meredith says:

    Those are my fave too!!! Awesome blog!!

  3. love ya lily + aubrie