Why I Loved City Putt New Orleans

City Putt is a mini golf course located in New Orleans, Louisiana in our City Park. You can choose from 2 different courses, the New Orleans course or the Louisiana course. My family and I went on the Louisiana course for Mother’s Day.


My golf ball went in the water twice!! That was so funny! I tried to get a Hole in 1, but that never happened.  It was so hot but there was plenty of shade. I liked it because each hole represents different cities and shows fun facts.  At the Venice hole, there was a fountain with a play frog in it.


I had a blue golf ball and a purple putter. I had so much fun. Some of the holes had openings and the ball came out the other side. At the 18th hole, the ball went through the tube and we didn’t see it again.


Afterwards we got some cold drinks. It was a great day!  Check out my video:

About Lily

Lily is an 10 year old girl finishing 4th grade. She likes to dance, read, and Facetime with her friends.