Aubrie Adores: FINIS Mermaid Monotail

I bought the Finis Mermaid Monotail from Target for $27.99 with my birthday money. Take a look at how I used it. I love being a mermaid.   … [Read More...]

Tackling the Peeps Challenge for Easter!

We love candy! So who wouldn't love the Peeps challenge? Check out Aubrie and I as we try to tell which flavors are the best this Easter. Enjoy! … [Read More...]

American Girl Lea Clark Unboxing

American Girl sent me Lea Clark to test out. I am so excited to unbox her for you. Check out my video below!   … [Read More...]

American Girl Cooking Class

Cooking with American Girl and Williams-Sonoma

Earlier this year, I told you about Grace Thomas, the American Girl Doll of the Year. I have been reading her books with my Mom. Grace goes to Paris and learns to bake French desserts. I love to help … [Read More...]

(VIDEO) Lucas Takes the Ice Cream Challenge

Watch Lucas and his cousin take the Ice Cream Challenge! … [Read More...]

(VIDEO) Bean Boozled Challenge Take 2

After seeing Lily and Aubrie take the Bean Boozled Challenge, Lucas wanted in too! … [Read More...]